Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: CS and services
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>> >>> Sorry, can't understand what you're saying...Martijn says this is
>>> >> "as expected"..? or he says that DBW *does* provide the means to read
>>> >> a Linux log file remotely..?
>>> >>> ./heLen
>>> >>>
>>> >> Martijn said his tool passes whatever it gets from the server. I got
>>> >> the impression he didn't try it on classic himself, but he assumed it
>>> >> should work.
>>> >
>>> > With regard to error messages, yes. But I'm unsure as to what is supposed
>>> > to work with the Services API in Classic.
>>> It depends on the Firebird version. Support for the Services API in
>>> Classic got better and better with each release. According to the
>>> release notes, Firebird 2.0 got full Services API support, even in Classic.
>>> For DBW (and any other Services API application) this means, retrieving
>>> the Firebird log file via the Services API will work with Firebird 2.0
>>> Classic, but not with Firebird 1.5. At least not with 1.5.3 which I have
>>> tried.
>> OK, so it SHOULD work, but it doesn't (see my first posting in this
>> topic). Anybody any idea why?
> You are right. I can reproduce the problem with Firebird 2.0.3 Classic
> on *Linux*. It works fine with Firebird 2.0.3 Classic on Windows.

Btw, using Ivan's "fsql", one can attach to the service manager and then
display users, do a sweep, ... via the Services API.

These operations seems to work fine via the Services API for Firebird
2.0.3 Classic on Linux, but displaying the log file with SHOW LOG; in
fsql isn't possible either, because it ends up with the following error

Command error: Unexpected buffer contents when reading services.

Sounds like a bug to me in the Services API for Classic on Linux.

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