Subject Re: Problem with embedded database
Author sanjeevsan
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
I did write the application. After the exception is raised, I catch
it and then afte that if at some point i use a where clause in the
application, nothing is returned from the database. I have a tree
that gets populated from the data coming from a table. After the
exception is rasied and catched in the tr catch block, the software
tries to reload the tree. The tree gets the elements from table.
Everything from the table is loaded suing the "select *" statement,
but if there is a where clause in that statement, nothing is
returned. I debugged my application i could see select query with a
where clause returning nothing.

I have to close the application and start it again and then
everything works fine.


> At 10:16 PM 7/04/2008, you wrote:
> >I have an embedded database for my application. When i sent my
> >application to a customer to test, he was not able to use the
> >applicaten as intended. He was having all sorts of problem with
> >database.
> That's not exactly *informative*.
> >I found out that the 'where' clause in the SQL was not working.
> >statements work but when there is a where clause, the database
does not
> >return anything.
> >Well, I sent the customer a database with all the data in it and
> >he could not see everything. It worked on a different computer and
> >almost all the computer in my office. Does anyone know what is
going on?
> No, because you haven't told us anything,
> >One more thing. On my computer also, if I have an exception raised
> >the database, where clause in the SQL stops working.
> If an exception is raised from the database, everything will stop
working if you don't handle the exception. Maybe the where clause is
invalid and that's what the exception is telling you: who knows if
you don't? Did you write the application? or can you hand the
problem over to the one who did write it?
> You might like to read this article before posting again:
> ^ heLen