Subject Re: [firebird-support] CS and services
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:46 PM 7/04/2008, you wrote:
>I am running Firebird 2.0.1 CS on a Linux SMP server.
>When I try to get the number of attachments, using Martijn Tonies'
>Database Workbench, I get this response: "Cannot perform operation --
>service is not attached."

Correct: a remote client to Classic is connected to a database via an exclusive process. When you are not attached to a database, there is no service. In any case, a remote client to Classic doesn't have access to server-level information. If you have a process running (you are connected to a database) then you will get back only the info relevant to that attachment. For Classic you'll need to use a local tool, though you can access the server remotely using VNC or similar.

>Also, when I try to view the log file using the same tool (and thus the
>Services Api), I get this: "service service_mgr does not have an
>associated executable".

..which is correct. The log file is not viewed via the Services API. It is a text file that is local to the server and there's no "executable" associated with it. To view it from a Windows program such as DBW you would need to have Samba server running on the host machine. The Windows program would need ability to make an SMB client connection to the host machine as a suitably privileged user and have the necessary privileges to read the log file. I haven't heard that DBW has that capability, although it might. ;-)

Of course, remote admins check the log file all the time, using VNC or less user-friendly remote access protocols (SSH clients, even Telnet).

>Any ideas around (I have asked Martijn already, but he said this is what
>his tool gets...)?

Sorry, can't understand what you're saying...Martijn says this is "as expected"..? or he says that DBW *does* provide the means to read a Linux log file remotely..?