Subject Re: Firebird Freezing Problem
Author buzzardj
--- In, "buzzardj" <buzz@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been having a problem for quite a while now where the firebird
> database seems to hang on a daily basis. New and existing connections
> do not respond and the server requires a reboot to continue working.

When running fb_lock_print during a freeze I always see the following:

Owner id: 5674, type: 1, flags: 0x04, pending: 0,
semid: 2
Process id: 5674, UID: 0x0 Alive
Flags: 0x44 hung
Requests: *empty*
Blocks: *empty*

The flag of this owner block has a status "hung".

Could some one tell me what this means and why it could be happening?