Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use windows trusted authentication
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> No, it means the user won't need any further authentication to run an application that connects to a Firebird database.
> But what is the advantage of windows authentication against no
> authentication? When a user is logged on a windows system no further
> authentication is needed to connect to a firebird database. So why use
> windows authentication and not just an option for example 'unsecure
> connect' or something similar? And with that option no further
> authentication is needed too.
> Sorry, but the sense escapes me, why the windows authentication is used.

If your logged in Windows domain user is a member of the admin group,
then he gets mapped to the Firebird SYSDBA user. You will also get
SYSDBA when you use CURRENT_USER for instance.

If the domain user is not a member of the admin group, then the user
gets connected to the database with something like <domain>\<user_name>.
CURRENT_USER will return <domain>\<user_name> in this case.

SQL privileges will be checked in both cases. So, if it is not a user of
the admin group, the user <domain>\<user_name> needs explicit GRANTS on
tables, ...

If you want the native only authentication back, change the parameter in

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