Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Overflow occured during datatype conversion. Conversion error from string "BLOB"
Author Woody
zzotnik wrote:
> Hey Woody,
> It was included automatically in the code by EMS SQL Manager, the
> client program I'm using to manage my DB.
> I've tried removing it but it doesn't solve my problem :(
> Any more ideas?
Well, since you never listed the entire DML for the tables, it's hard to
guess what the field types are. You might have a problem multiplying and
dividing integers and reals if you don't specify or use some dirty
hacks. These have been discussed in the past but I'm not nearly as
versed on them as others here. (read Helen, Ann, et. al. :)

Since no one else has answered yet, they may be waiting for a little
more information about the complete structures of the invoice tables
being used in the SP. Take that as a guess, though.

Woody (TMW)