Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: how to determine User role
Author Nando Dessena

M> Imagine being able to change the role at any time. What would the
M> uses cases for such application look like? When you have separate
M> roles, you can easily design the application by using typical use
M> cases (roles) and you can easily design security for each use case
M> (role). If user would be able to change the role in the middle, it
M> would break the flow, and make the application design much harder.

not really. For one, it would make it SQL-2003 compliant ;-), and in
addition it wouldn't break antything: ability to change the current
role in the middle of a session doesn't add any problem in flow
control vs having to detach an reattach, IMHO.

M> IMHO, the way roles work is perfect.

With a <set current role> statement they would be even more perfect.

But Anderson is asking for a different thing: AFAIU he would like to
have all roles automatically and simultaneously "current", which IMHO
defeats the purpose and design of SQL roles (IOW here I agree with

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