Subject Re: [firebird-support] What do YOU use for secure connections to the DB?
Author Anderson Farias

> Currently, both the clients and the server are running on Windows, but we
> might move to Linux servers later in the future.
> What do you guys suggest?

Well, for client/server apps I've been using a diferent aproach. Instead of
using some tunneling, I sugest customers to setup a Windows TS server to
everyone using the system over internet or some other slow/remote network.

This gives zero configuration at client side (plus easy app updates), easy
to secure server side (FB server is on a diferent sever on same network as
TS server) a very good performing.

Of course, this is not the cheapest solution since you have to buy a Windows
(NT) server + TS licences. BUT... It's not the most expansive too. And --
for those apps build using Delphi or other Windows compiler -- you can even
use Linux workstations accessing the server using RDesktop.



Anderson Farias