Subject RE: [firebird-support] inactive transactions
Author Alan McDonald
> > Hello I have a customer who uses my app remotelly trough Terminal
> Server.
> > Often
> > happens that the conection fails and if my app had an active
> transaction, it
> > stays open forever...

make sure that TS is set to close sessions properly.
I can't remember the settings for Citrix (but TS will be the same). Unless
you set it to dispose of sessions which are terminated, they will remain
Anonymous sessions are more reliable in Citrix.
But I think this is more an issue with TS/Citrix than it is with FB.

> >
> > I'm using FB2.1 How can I terminate those transactions? So far I'm
> stopping FB
> > and starting it again. Is there other safe way to terminate that
> transactions?
> > What happen is I just delete the records on the system table
> > ?
> > It is a good way to stop all transactions?
> Anything wrong with this question? I couldn't find anything on
> google...
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> -s