Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Confused about Firebird releases
Author Ann W. Harrison
danyschaer wrote:
> Why are developers fixing V 2.0.5 if there is a V 2.1.1 released and
> stable?. I can't understand.

Different organizations have different rules about the amount of effort
involved in moving from one version of an underlying system to another -
probably based on their experiences. Many developers are reluctant
to move from version X to version X+1 without exhaustive testing
including field testing with real applications. Some organizations
require the same testing when moving from X.Y to X.Y+1 because
new features tend to creep into those releases. Generally, moving
from X.Y.Z to X.Y.Z+1 not very painful. If there are serious bugs
in X.Y that affect correctness, crashing, or security, creating
a new X.Y.Z+1 is useful, even if the more adventuresome users have
gone on to X.Y+1.

So, Falcon is trying to protect the investment that more conservative
organizations have put into their applications - if not into Firebird