Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird crash at 63 connection
Author Vlad Khorsun
> It sounds you are talking to me (but I am not in this thread), are you?
> In that case, please let me know where I forget to answer something and
> I will fix that.

Oh it was not you, i'm sorry...

It was about which
author didn't answer at tracker but seems to be active in this list instead.

About "crash at 63 connections". I'm almost sure it is
a) not a crash
b) not a Firebird issue

I saw such limitaion (SS can't handle more than 63 connections via TCP\IP) at
computer where ESET NOD32 antivirus installed. Modern antivirus and firewall
software often embedd itself into TCP\IP stack and, unfortunately, often have its
own bugs. In this case, i think, they used WaitForMultiplyObjects on user process's
sockets list to intercept its activity. This introduced limitation for no more than 64
active sockets per process, and it looks as user process fault.