Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with local drive
Author Manuel Aragoneses
Doug, thanks a lot for your prompt answer.

The facts are: about 12 PC in a Windows 2000 Lan, accessing a Database file on a file server through a Delphi application, which also needs to access (in some special cases) another database file that resides on a folder in the C: (local) disk. It works quite well in many of those terminals, that is, the app updates data on the database file on the server, and also can work with the other database file on the local drive. But there are about three or four of those computers that raise the exception mentioned before, when the app tries to access the database file on the local disk, although it keeps working normally retrieving and updating data on the file server. I guess that something must have been wrong with the installation of the Firebird software on those clients (the software has been installed on every member of the network, including the file server, of course) but I cant't find out what's wrong with them. It looks like if it were trying to read data from a Firebird database hosted on a PC where the database manager (Firebird) was not installed, but this cannot be so, as it can read from and write into another database file on the server of this Lan (am I right?). I hope this description can make the problem clearer. Thank you very much again.

Manuel Aragoneses

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Problems with local drive

Manuel Aragoneses wrote:
> I am using Firebird 2.0.
> In a Windows 2000 Lan, some (not all) PC's cannot access a database file on the local drive (a file on the c: disk) while they access normally the database files on the file server (I get an exception message "Database not available" through a Delphi app.).
> What may be the reason? Is there anything I should check out? Should I uninstall and then re-install Firebird on those clients?
> Thank you for your help.

The Firebird client does not provide access to any database files that
are local to the client. (Except in the special case when using th
embedded server, which it sounds like you are not.)

It sounds like you are confused about what Firebird is and the the
basics about how it works. But it also sounds like you have a working
Firebird server, so now I'm the one confused about your situation. Can
you provide us with more details of exactly what you have running and
more on what does not work?

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