Subject Re: Failed to establist a connection. unknown Win32 error 10060
Author Adam
--- In, "legacydrum" <blwf@...> wrote:
> FBServer runs fine on the server and it is started. I am receiving
> this error message on the workstation. I am not aware of anything like
> antivirus or firewall that is blocking it. I have checked those. Are
> there any programs I can run to help troubleshoot it, like RegMon or
> FileMon? Any help in this will be grealy appreciated.

From the workstation's perspective, the connection can not be
established. The server is refusing to talk to it. Period. There is no
more that the workstation can really ascertain.

All modern Windows ship with an enabled Firewall, so it is likely that
you will need to explicitly create an exception either by process (eg
excepting fbserver.exe) or by port (eg excepting port 3050).
Instructions for that are OT on this list, ask google.

All you can really test from the client is whether a TCP/IP connection
is possible. Telnet is the easiest tool (though "helpfully" it isn't
installed by default on Vista)

telnet myserver 3050

This should give you a black screen. If it doesn't, your problem is on
the server/network side of things. If it works, your client
workstation must be configured OK.

You can use TCPView (SysInternals) on the server to check your
fbserver.exe is listening to the right port.

Remember also that group policies can override certain settings such
as Firewall exceptions (again OT on this list).