Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database trigger - On start transaction
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> --- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...>
> wrote:
>>>>> Then connecting using IBX I delete the database trigger and I
> can once
>>>>> again connect via OBObjects
>>>>> But should I get this error sinse the database trigger is INACTIVE?
>>>> Perhaps the trigger already existed as ACTIVE and the RECREATE
>>>> statement didn't get committed?
>>> No - just tried it from scratch on a different DB using the above
>>> approach.
>> Activating / deactivating a database trigger works fine here. So my
>> guess is still, that the INACTIVE isn't visible to others and as IBO
>> might start a read-only transaction for query metadata, you get this
>> error. IBX probably does not start a read-only transaction at all, thus
>> no error.
> I use a DB with no Database trigges.
> I create a table.
> I create a database trigger as INACTIVE.
> I disconnect.
> I cant connect anymore using IBO.
> Whether or not the INACTIVE part is visible to others - I dont know.
> Whether IBO then starts a read-only transaction somewhere - I dont
> know. But when the trigger is INACTIVE it should not have any
> influence. Should it?

Right. An inactive trigger should not fire. But your error message
explicitly mentions the database trigger, so ...

I recall another problem with a Firebird 2.1 and a similar error
message, although this was with a read-only database in general when
connecting, though there was no database trigger involved.

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