Subject Re: How Do i connect to a Firebird on the NET
Author Adam
--- In, "buch_d" <buch_d@...> wrote:
> Hi all
> I have been using Firebird for years, but always local.. I now have a
> Windows 2003 Server setup on a VPS and I have installed Firebird on it
> (64 bit).


> The DB server is running as a service.
> I need to be able to connect to it over the internet, but simply
> cannot seem to get it to work. I dont know what I am doing wrong!
> I have set up an alias in the Servers Alias.conf file to no avail.
> Please help urgently.

There is nothing different between connecting to a server on a LAN or
over the internet (apart from speed, security and port forwarding or
VPN requirements). If you can connect locally then it is probably a
firewall configuration issue. What is your connection string?