Subject Re: No case sensitive column names
Author jrodenhi
This used to bother me at first too. But Firebird is case insensitive
if you create your schema using upper case. So, if you set up your
column as ENTERDATE, you can query it as ENTERDATE or EnterDate or
eNTERdATE if you forget the capslock key and they will all work.
I think Oracle is the same way.

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<kokok_kokok@...> wrote:
> Yes, I tried to use something like create view Report_Customers
> ("EnterDate", ... other columns )
> as
> select enterdate, other columns from
> for the report designers, the problem is some users do not respect the
> case and they enter as a filter the column name using upper case or
> all lower case. For example ENTERDATE='1MAY08', others do
> enterdate='1MAY08'.
> I think that there is no solution in FB simply because FB stores the
> column names always in upper case when you do not specify ""