Subject Re: [firebird-support] MON$STATEMENTS
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Dmitry,

>> Why mon$timestamp is always NULL ?
> No queries are running at the moment?

Acctually there are tens to hundreds of queries running at the moment. But
as I understand from you and Carlos, they're so fast I can't get I snapshot
of it's execussion.

>> And why some mon$sql_text are NULL?
> These are GDML (non-SQL) queries, either internal ones (e.g. issued by
> the DSQL metadata cache) or external (e.g. GBAK queries).

I got it. Thanks for explaining. Theire certainly not from GBAK or other
external tools. I'm "filtering" only one attachment_id (this one from my app
connection). Could it be garbage collection? Or only metadata cache?


Anderson Farias