Subject Re: High volume of INSERT/DELETE operations
Author Doychin Bondzhev
It is JBossMQ code that places them in the database. It is the way it
works. I can't change that code.

I publish messages using JMS and then JBossMQ places each message in
database. If all that has to receive it receive it is deleted from
database. In case any of the subscribers is missing it is left there
to deliver it when they connect and get it.

I tried that idea with cron job and I think it works. After each
select the number of pages used by JMS_MESSAGES table goes down to
just a few pages depending how many records are still there.

Before that the number just grows with each batch of messages processed.

Doychin Bondzhev

--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...>
> > So the only solution you say is to put
> > select count(*) from JMS_MESSAGES
> > in a cron job?
> Actually - no. If you delete all messages anyway, you can just don't
> put them into the database.
> SY, SD.