Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple server installs on linux
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Mark, thanks for your reply.

> you need to go and have a look at:
> $cd /usr/lib/
> $ls -l libfbembed*

Yes, I did. Here is my procedure: I've installed FB 1.5 only and tryed to
change it's root path and run it from there (no FB 2.1 yet):

1) Installed FB 1.5 from tarball (everything fine)
2) stopped xinetd and cd /opt
3) mv firebird fb15 (changed firebird path)
4) cd /usr/lib
5) deleted all libfb* and created all again (eg: ln -s
/opt/fb15/lib/ .)
6) cd /usr/include
7) deleted fb related (gds.h, and so on) ... created again using ln -s (like
step 5)
8) cd /etc/xinetd.d
9) mv firebird fb15
10) updated firebird path inside fb15 (xinetd) script
11) started xinetd, OK ... but...

trying to execute anything (isql, fb_inet_server, etc) does NOTHING! it does
not execute and gives *no* error, no nothing!

Any ideas??

> If the links are wrong it will give an an error. You can also try the
> following to see where it resolves the libraries to :
> $ldd /opt/firebird_15/bin/fb_inet_server

Did tryed, seems to be everything fine!

> Cheers - Mark

Many thanks Mark,

Anderson Farias