Subject Re: *** DUMP *** Clump at offset
Author marrtins_dqdp
Thank you for answer. I found that solution, but I`m working with PHP,
not JAVA. I found similar problems asked in archive of this list, but
with no answers.

On one server I have only databases with no encoding set at all
(Default character set NONE). On second server I have one database
with no encoding (Default character set NONE) and two UTF8 databases
(Default character set: UTF8)

I do connect to UTF8 databases as follows:
$db->type = 'Firebird';
$db->host = '';
$db->username = 'username';
$db->password = '111111';
$db->name = '/path/to/database/file.fdb';
$db->charset = 'utf8';

$db_path = sprintf("%s:%s", $db->host, $db->name);
$this->conn = ibase_pconnect($db_path, $db->username,
$db->password, $db->charset);
$this->conn = ibase_pconnect($db_path, $db->username,
$db->password, $db->charset, null, null, $db->role);

In some situations I do set $db->role = 'some_role';
Should I user
$db->charset = 'UTF8'; or $db->charset = 'utf8'; or $db->charset =

It seems, that encoding utf8 is wonrking fine for me (searching and
sorting works as expected). How can I be sure if really connected with
right charset?

On non-utf8 databases I connect simply: ibase_pconnect($db_database,
$db_username, $db_password);


--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> marrtins_dqdp wrote:
> > 2) "Fatal exception during clumplet dump: Invalid clumplet buffer
> > structure: buffer end before end of clumplet - clumplet too long"
> Maybe this can help:
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> Milan Babuskov