Subject Re: Running multiple FB installations on customer pc's
Author Maverick Thunder

> Thank you! This might help! You seem to be experienced regarding this
> issue. Are you sure there occur no conflicts with existing secondary
> installations?

The idea is to install a new 2000/xp/vista service to run another instance of FB server
using another socket port. It can be improved by checking another instances by scanning
the services or files in hard disk and analyzing the configuration files. Only the service
name and port can conflict so do not choose a name like 'myfirebird' because many people
can use that name too :)

I have the default installation of Firebird and run my own app with its own fb server
(another instance). I don't know performance hits if 2 programs access each one to their
respective firebird server but i think that there shouldn't be any problem.

As I see, the only registry information the server installs is the service (instsvc source
code). Also there is a list of installed fb servers (2.1 documentation says that and I
confirmed) in another key but I didn't update that list in my setup. I think it is not

If the configuration file is correct, there shouldn't exist any problem.

Best regards,

Mauro H. Leggieri