Subject Re: Running multiple FB installations on customer pc's
Author matthiasj78
--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...>
> > we need to install a firebird 2.1 database-service automatically on
> > our customers windows pc's without affecting the firmness of
> > (possibly) existing firebird or interbase installations.
> You should use FB Embedded if your application is single user or use
> already existing customer's DBMS.
> SY, SD.

Thank you, but both options are not appropriate. We are not allowed to
touch existing firebird installations on customer pc's, so we can't
use them. And since we want to allow multiple users to access the
database simultaneous, the embedded mode would also be impractical.
What we need is a simple way to install a firebird db as a service,
compatible with any yet installed software. Some questions are already
solved (e.g. unique port and service-name). But the affects of
existing registry entries or firebird variables are still nebulous.