Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: If Not SELECT COUNT(*), Then What?
Author Martijn Tonies

> This is, in fact, about displaying a progress window.
> I start a transaction, then get the count of records to
> be read, and display that. Then I run the select, updating
> the display of records read after every 100 fetches, and
> then I commit the transaction.
> This application is currently using the embedded server,
> so at this time the database won't be changed. And if it
> is, so what? We have to start a transaction at some point,
> and if the
> So I am using this count for exactly the application you
> say is inefficient. How would you do this?

If there is a case when a user needs lots of rows (eg: an
export of data), I never display "progress", only that the
application is busy and perhaps display the current number
of rows exported.

In all other situations, the number of rows requests should
be small that no notion of "progress" is required.

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