Subject Re: [firebird-support] Blob data transfer from one database to another
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:08 PM 10/12/2008, you wrote:
> I want to transfer data which includes BLOB column from one database
>to another database. I had done Export-Import but I can not achieved.
>How can I do that?
>Thanks in advance.

The Firebird database engine itself does not do "export" or "import" between databases. There are numerous tool-applications that provide "export-import" utilities, i.e., can read data from tables in one database and use it to perform updates or inserts on tables in another. Some know how to deal with blobs, some don't.

You are not providing any useful information about what you tried. If you are struggling with a particular toolset then either

1) post an initial inquiry in the firebird-tools list (subscribe at
2) join the list or newsgroup that supports whatever tool you are trying to use.

Just make sure you provide enough information for people to know how to help you.

^ heLen