Subject Re: Connection charset UTF8, column charset ASCII: right padded char fields
Author skoczian
--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> skoczian wrote:
> > Oh, sorry, I see that I forgot to say: the fields aren't padded to
> > their declared length, they are padded to 4 times this length (which
> > seems to be normal for UTF8). One character, 3 spaces for a column
> > declared as CHAR(1) CHARACTER SET ASCII.
> This has been fixed recently in FlameRobin. You need to build a new
> version from SVN (or use the snapshot binary at

Will do, thank you. But it's not only FlameRobin. ISQL does the same
and, which is worst from my point of view, kinterbasdb also. That's
why I posted here and not in the FlameRobin list or in the kinterbasdb