Subject Re: [firebird-support] Data Base Security from SYSDBA user
Author Carlos H. Cantu
You can delete the source code of triggers and procedures from the
database (they will keep working). In there is an
article in portuguese explaining how you can do this.

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EM> Hello,

EM> I know that this question already pass by here, but I need more answers...

EM> I have a small system and the all business logic is in data base, this
EM> system can be installed by the customer and I would like to protect the
EM> business logic, no access by anyone that copy the data base and install
EM> in another machine to use SYSDBA to access.

EM> There is a easy solution ?

EM> Regards,

EM> Emerson Muniz
EM> Brazil

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EM> Visit and click the Resources item
EM> on the main (top) menu. Try Knowledgebase and FAQ links !

EM> Also search the knowledgebases at

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