Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using firbird in client application and in server
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:59 AM 5/12/2008, I. Lesher wrote:
>Some of my applications use firebird server in stand alone mode. Other
>use it only as client(I use for database access in these
>My question-
>What tools/libraries/software (with regard to firebird) should I
>install in
>the PC's in each case?

You are talking about three possible deployment options here.

1. A network deployment, consisting of the full Firebird server (Classic or Superserver) on the database server + the client-only setup (**) on each PC

2. A stand-alone deployment, exactly as above, but running both server and client on a single machine, not intended for network use

3. A stand-alone deployment using an embedded version.

From the Firebird point of view, both 1) and 2) are the same, except that, for 1) the client machines need only the API library (fbclient.dll, assuming you are talking about Windows). For 3) the API library and the Firebird server are in one dll, which starts out with the name fbembed.dll.

Additionally, both 1) and 3) require the ICU libraries for international language support (found in the \intl subdirectory) to be at the server.

** The client-only install for 1) does not need the ICU libraries.

In *all* cases (server, client-only and embedded) the Microsoft C and C++ runtimes must be present and available on both servers and clients. You should always check whether they are installed and, if not, arrange to get them installed. From XP-onwards, you need the installer for these libraries. Read the Installation notes.

On the ADO.NET side (with which I am unfamiliar) you probably need some additoinal run-time parts for both 2) and 3). Ask about that on the firebird-net-provider list.

For 3), you can read about the application file structure in the v.1.5 release notes.