Subject Re: [firebird-support] Forces writes and transaction throughput?
Author Milan Babuskov
Anderson Farias wrote:
> Sort OFF-topic here but... Would you say that it's better going with EXT3
> over EXT2 (for partion that will keep FB databases) ??


Journaling gives you *much* faster boot times, especially after a power
failure, and ensures metadata (filesystem structure) integrity. IMHO,
performance difference can be neglected.

Of course, you would get the fastest boot time with Firebird database on
a raw device, without any filesystem overhead (feature available in 2.1+
IIRC). However, I still prefer ext3 since Firebird's page cache is about
10% slower than Linux kernel filesystem cache (benchmarked with 4096byte
page size).

My recommendation for Linux:

- on system with a lot of reads: use ext3 and small FB page cache. If
you use Classic Server, create a RAM disk for FB temporary sort space,
so all instances can share it. More details are in paper I presented in
Bergamo, it will be publicly available after next FB conference :)

- on a system with a lot of writes and not many reads, use the raw device.

Milan Babuskov