Subject Re: [firebird-support] Forces writes and transaction throughput?
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> These items only protect against power loss, but not against server or
> Firebird process abends!
I regularly kill long-running fb_inet_server processes (using Classic) and never had corruption happen either. What exactly do you mean with server abends? A kernel panic for example? In that case you will have a hardware problem anyway and forced writes won't save you in this case i'd think.

> The RAID card will completely isolate the 'cost' of Forced Writes.
That's something I've though of too. But TBH I've never conducted any tests to compare the performance of Forced Writes On versus Off in combination with the RAID.

> A very lucky man, but luck has a way of running out when you least
> expect or want.
Well, I have regular daily backups with sanity checks in place and in our case we can easily go with one day of lost data.

> If I gave you a gun which had 1 million cylinders loaded with one
> bullet; would you want to play "Russian roulette"?
Probably not!