Subject Re: Firebird client connection charset, server charsets and encoding
Author skoczian
--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> skoczian wrote:
> > But: using ISO8859_1 as database default charset and as
> > charset gives me wrong umlaut characters in ISQL and empty
fields in
> > FlameRobin, if the field contains a non ASCII character.
> This looks like a bug. Which version of FlameRobin?
> Please follow up on flamerobin-devel for this...

Sorry, I wrote this from memory. Using FlameRobin on
Gentoo Linux the umlaut characters are quite correct with this
connection charset. Entering them in a query looks a little
confusing, but works also.

ISQL uses the charset of the terminal, right?

> > Using ISO8859_1 as database default charset and UTF8 as
> > charset gives me a FlameRobin warning and I don't know if this
is a
> > dangerous practice or not
> It is actually the best way to use it. That warning should be
removed in
> next FR release.

Ok, thank you for that advice. How about ISQL, should I use "set
names utf8" there also for databases with default charset ISO8859_1?