Subject [firebird-support] FB GBK and CPU Usage
Author Andrew Stuart
Hi All

We are getting really slow DB performance during backups, we're a 24/7
company and so cant run them during a down period.

Gbak runs about 6-10% and FBServer runs a good 50% (dual core box so
flat out on one core)

After gbak has finished the fbserver is still running around 50%

Is this normal?

It's a windows 2003 box with fb 1.5

I think the below isn't right, but im a total 'noob' when it comes to

Any help would be greatly appreciated



D:\Program Files\Firebird_1_5\bin>gstat -h e:\data\cabs.fdb

Database "e:\data\cabs.fdb"

Database header page information:

Flags 0

Checksum 12345

Generation 9959021

Page size 4096

ODS version 10.1

Oldest transaction 8479679

Oldest active 8479680

Oldest snapshot 8378442

Next transaction 9959010

Bumped transaction 1

Sequence number 0

Next attachment ID 0

Implementation ID 16

Shadow count 0

Page buffers 0

Next header page 0

Database dialect 3

Creation date Jan 18, 2008 2:31:22

Attributes force write

Variable header data:

Sweep interval: 20000


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