Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Hanging by a Thread
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:37 AM 30/09/2007, you wrote:

> What do you mean "it can't use stuff that was retrieved
>by another thread."?

The context for all of your transactions, statements, etc., is the
connection. Each thread has to have its own connection context.

> That's my stuff, isn't it?

Well....what's "my" here? You have a main thread (which can make its
own connections) and you may have one or more threads, each of which
makes its own connections. Each connection constitutes one isolated
microcosm that can't access the others' microcosms. Within one
thread, you do have the capability of having a transaction that can
place connections to multiple DIFFERENT databases within the same
isolation context but that's not pertinent to this particular approach.

>After one thread fetches data from the select, can't the other
>thread use it?


> I was planning for the thread to read everything required
>for a login,

Each thread will have to do its own login[s]....multiple logins for
multiple databases, natch.

>and post a message informing the main thread that
>can proceed with the login.

..including the main thread.

>The thread can then begin the slow process of building the nodes in
>shared memory from the large contact table.
> Does this sound like it will work?


> What's "RDT"?

R-emote D-esk T-op.