Subject Re: [firebird-support] Hanging by a Thread
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:22 PM 29/09/2007, you wrote:

> From that discussion, I've added "localhost:"
>to the front of the database name, the first time
>I tried that it worked, but latter attempts still
> Any ideas, or suggestions on what I should try?

I'm sorry to say that your theory of having a thread busy activating
all your data access stuff for the main thread while the main thread
tickles the baby grand aint gonna work. You can't run multiple data
access threads over a single connection and, sadly, one connection
can't fiddle about with another connection's stuff. A data access
thread needs a connection with all its own bits and bobs
(transactions, statements, etc.) that is cleaned up and released when
the thread has finished with it. You'll be able to have a connection
with its own bits and bobs in the main thread, of course, but it
can't be shared with other threads, either, and it can't use stuff
that was retrieved by another thread.

Stick with TCP/IP if you intend to deploy this software for use on a
LAN or you intend compiling it as an ISAPI library. The system is
designed for network access. Use an alias for the database path. The
local loopback server (localhost, IP address is OK when
the user app and the database server are on and older Win32 on the
same box (albeit the game changes if the user is a local RDT
client). Don't hard-code the hostname: make provision for the user
to input the name of the server host (or select it, or read it from
an INI or the Registry) .