Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connect
Author Fabiano Bonin
Emerson, it seems you have a network problem.

An ADSL connection, even if it uses a dynamic IP, should not change the
internal IP of your server.

If the ADSL modem is plugged direct in your server, it probably have two
network interfaces.

The network interace plugged on the ADSL modem should be configured to
dynamic IP, while the other one should keep the IP

Try to give more details in my private e-mail, so i can try to help you.



On 9/26/07, Tomio <ertomio@...> wrote:
> Hello All,
> (I don`t speak english. So, sorry about the errors)
> We use Firebird in a local network, with fixed IP, without problems -
> The server`s IP is, mask
> But, we decided to change our internet conexion, from radio to ADSL,
> and now we have to use automatic IPs.
> After this change, we can`t connect with the server.
> Could someone help me with this ?
> Att.
> Emerson Tomio

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