Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database page errors
Author Fabiano Bonin
> > I took a look at a backup of this database and these relation ID's
> > were really of that 4 deleted tables. I will try to reproduce what
> > happened in my environment:
> > - I shut down the database in single user mode
> > - I did run a large set of DDL and DML instructions to upgrade the
> > database (here i dropped the tables), using a update application. I
> > commit after each instruction.
> > - I closed the upgrade application
> > - I did run "gfix -v -full" in the database and got the erros
> Aha, validation code used in-memory metadata (i.e. not read it from disk
> as in usual case of only exclusive attachment) and picked up deleted relations.
> I think its a bug in validation code. Can you post simplified example into
> tracker, please ?

Sure, i'm doing it right now

> And you can be sure - all is ok with your database, there was false
> errors ;)

If i was cardiopatic i would not be here to answer :-)