Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database page errors
Author Fabiano Bonin
> If validation used the same in-memory metadata which was produced by
> this change then i can guess some bug. But validation always runs in
> exclusive attachment - i.e. it reads metadata from disk. The last crazy
> guess i can make is that validation picked up some rolled back records but
> i can't imagine such conditions...

See below

> Hmm... you used replicator which made 2PC transactions. Does you
> database have any limbo transactions now ? If yes - fix it first.

I don't use replication in this database. This is a standalone one.
[root@server1 firebird]# gfix -list tecelagem.fdb.observacao
[root@server1 firebird]#

> > Do you think i am in risk working with this database?
> Run gfix again. I guess it will not return this errors.

[root@server1 firebird]# gfix -v -full tecelagem.fdb.observacao
[root@server1 firebird]#

I started to use SS in this box recently and i'm observing something
i'm not sure it is expected:
When i "gfix -shut single -force 0" a database, i still see fbserver
connected to this database. Is it expected? If fbserver is making a
garbage collection will it stay connected to the database after the
I took a look at a backup of this database and these relation ID's
were really of that 4 deleted tables. I will try to reproduce what
happened in my environment:
- I shut down the database in single user mode
- I did run a large set of DDL and DML instructions to upgrade the
database (here i dropped the tables), using a update application. I
commit after each instruction.
- I closed the upgrade application
- I did run "gfix -v -full" in the database and got the erros

> BTW, as you do incremental backups - you use Firebird 2, right ?

Almost :-) I use FB2, but i don't use nbackup. I do incremental
backups using another application (duplicity), which uses the rsync
library. Every night i stop the firebird server and get a delta of the
database, so it would work with any FB version.

> What exact version ? Classic or Super ?

I use Linux FB SS 2.0.3

Thanks a lot for your support.