Subject Re: Firebird, ODBC, web access and various beginner questions
Author federonline

Sorry about the wife had surgery and I've been out for a bit.

Comments below.

> --- In, Thomas Løcke wrote:
> federonline wrote:
> > I've had no issues with the ODBC Drivers for Firebird. Using
> > ODBC/ADO/etc adds quite a bit of overhead, but if your application
> > is trim enough, it shouldn't matter.
> >
> What version of the ODBC driver are you using?

Actually, I migrated away from ODBC and am using the C-API. There are
better ones out there than what I've written, and if I had it to do
again, I'd use one of those (i.e.

> > PHP on Apache is what we use to access our DB. It is solid and
> > we've never had an issue. The Firebird/Interbase functions are
> > all ready in PHP and only need to be configured.
> >
> Grand! Are you using the regular Firebird/Interbase functions or the
> new PDO stuff?

Firebird/Interbase functions.