Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Corrupt database
Author Daniel Rail

At September 20, 2007, 10:51 PM, Robert martin wrote:

> We have just tried the -g option but its a no go. However I know the
> error message now (when running fBak)

> Internal GDS software consistancy check <cant continue after check>

> ?? Receive failed.

> (Where ?? might be some characters).

> I am trying to organise the original file to be FTP'd to me, it is about
> 1GB zipped !!!!

After getting your hands on the original file, I do recommend that you
use IBFirstAid Diagnostician
to help determine where the errors might be in the database. And, we
did use this tool with one of our customers in the past and helped us
to determine the cause of the corruption and we did purchase
FBFirstAid to correct the corruption(which it did). And they do
mention that not all corruptions are fixable with the tool, but it's
very possible that the errors that you are describing are fixable with
FBFirstAid. But, first download Diagnostician to see what are the
problems with the database(it's free).

Best regards,
Daniel Rail
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