Subject Corrupt database
Author Robert martin

We have a client who has a corrupt FB 1.5 database. Im sorry I cant
give exact error messages but the story is essentially the following ....

This morning the DB was corrupt, people got IO and 'internal GDS' errors
trying log in. I don't have access to their system so I have tried
talking staff through the following process.

Shut down FB server and restart.
Copy DB to the fb\Bin dir
Run Gfix -mend
I got 17 record errors and 2 blob errors.
Run GBak to create a backup of the db
This failed (it has worked for me in the past) with some error
(sorry staff not good at reporting errors). I will try and get it from

so I
Ran Gfix -mend again
I got 13 record errors

Re running Gfix -mend seems to always return the same number of errors.
Running Gbak again failed with the same (?) error message.

I tried Gfix -two_phase (Just ready to try anything)
This returned no errors but a further gBak failed anyway.

What are peoples other suggestions? The most recent backup they have is
2 days old. There backups have been failing and they have not noticed.

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