Subject Re: Insert within a stored procedure not inserting records
Author Peter Welch
--- In, "Rick Debay" <rdebay@...>
> I hate to ask, but did you commit? Did you try inserting using a
> duplicate primary key?

Well, I kept clicking on the Commit and End Current Transaction in
IB_Sql, and also have Server Autocommit checked along with AutoCommit --
maybe there's a problem with that.

Just now I tested the stored procedure (it gets called from another
stored procedure that supplies the MRNs) in IB_Sql dsql and it Worked!
Alas, I don't know quite why it wasn't working before. I'll need to
close this thread until I can come up with a more exact problem.

Maybe I was testing things with assumptions about what state they were
in -- as in did I actually have the stored proc code saved and commited
before running the next test. Oh well. Thank you, anyway.