Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird, ODBC, web access and various beginner questions
Author Aage Johansen
federonline wrote:
> Added my comments below.
>> How important is harddrive speed? IDE, SATA, SCSI?
> We use 7200 RPM disks problems. We're scaling and going to
> SCSI so we can use a pizza box instead of the small footprint systems
> we have now.

Consider using 15000rpm SCSI. And a decent RAID controller. My
preference is mirrored drives, but - depending on a lot of things -
other configurations might be "better" for you.

As for RAM, you can do some calculations with number of open
databases, number of users, buffer size (SS is different from
CS). "Too much" is better than "slighty less than optimum".

Aage J.