Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Detect Firebird Server Type
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:05 AM 17/09/2007, you wrote:
>Hello Helen,
>Thanks for your detailed reply. I have been working for other
>customers in the meanwhile but now I am back on this "building site".
>Helen wrote:
> > ... What version[s] of Firebird is this happening with? ...
>There is only one classic server running on this machine and it is
>version WI-V6.3.4.4910.
>I have checked it against other DB servers in our server farm and they
>behave the same. Without the [ServerName] in-front of the database
>file name it won't backup.
>I was not able to reproduce the error on my development machines, as
>they run with Super Server. I will now change them over to Classic
>Server and see if I run into the same error.

You don't need to bother - it is not a bug, it is "as
designed". Classic on Windows cannot take a client connection via
the legacy IPServer that is in Firebird prior to V.2. So you should
always take the sensible route and use localhost (for local
connections) or the proper hostname (for remote connections) if you
are letting users use the command-line tools, regardless of whether
you expect them to connect to Classic or Superserver.

Fb 2 has a complete new implementation of IPServer, a subsystem
called XNET, which does enable IPServer connections to Classic. So,
if your apps are going to connect always to a database server on
Windows running Fb 2 or higher, you could more reliably take the
IPServer route for local ops. But then again, IPServer doesn't
always work "out-of-the-box" on W2003 or Vista servers in any case
so, if you have to write setups for hands-off installation, it's hard
to see too much benefit...

>I'll let you know whatever solution we come up with.

Better still, you should get into the practice of using the Services
Manager if you want to have users accessing utility operations.