Subject Re: Installing FB 2.01 in Slackware 12
Author ke4dm
--- In, "ke4dm" <ke4dm@...> wrote:
> I have been trying to install FB 2.01 in Slackware 12 using the
> downloaded file: FirebirdSS-
> I followed the instructions to untar the file and went to the created
> directory. As root, I executed ./
> The console replies: "Starting Firebird Server: bash-3.1#"
> and hangs at that point.
> If I issue a ps command, the process "firebird" appears to be running,
> but it will not accept any connections.
> If anyone has successfully gotten FB 2 to wok under Slackware, I would
> appreciate hearing how you did it. (Of course suggestion from others
> will be appreciated.
> George Laverick
I have discovered that I have no problem installing and running the
Classic Server. I assume that this means there is a problem with the
NPTL threading even though this is supposed to work in Slackware 12.0.
I will use the Classic Server for now, but if anyone can enlighten me
as to the exact nature of the problem and recommend a solution, I am
still interested.

George Laverick