Subject Re: algorythm for BIG RED BUTTON
Author Adam
--- In, Maxim Evdokimov
<firebird@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> In the DB is stored some data, which must be hide from another's eyes
> in minimum time.
> I mean situation like check of tax police or something like that. If
> this police came any user can press BIG RED BUTTON and all unlegal
data is
> "lost" :) but it must be restored when check ended...
> What is the fastest decision of following problems:
> - copy to flash drive data from "unlegal" columns
> - delete permanently from DB all data and information about this columns

Are you seriously asking what I think you are?

I would say the best way to prevent authorities knowing who you are
and what you are doing is to ask such a question on a high traffic
international and publicly accessible support list hosted by Yahoo.