Subject Re: Detect Firebird Server Type
Author Mathias Burbach
Alan wrote:
> out of interest Mathias, what would you do differently after
> finding CS as opposed to SS on the other end?
It is about backing up & restoring. Here is the command I can use for
remote backup on a Classic Server:

gbak -b -se [ServerName]:service_mgr
-user [UserName] -password [Password]

But the same command is not working on Super Server. For Super Server
I have used TIBBackupService so far. The error message I get on Super
Server with the above command is:

gbak: ERROR: Error reading data from the connection.
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

And the exit code of gbak is not 0 but 1 in that case (Super Server).
I certainly would prefer if I could treat them identical. Any ideas, Alan?