Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded and character set error.
Author William Gonzáles Sánchez
It works fine. But I have another problem. When I run my app in Windows
2000, it works fine, but in Win98 it gives me the error:

Code: 80070057
Code Meaning: Invalid parameter

The SQL query which originates this error is very simple:

I am using:
Embedded server, Win98 (where my app works), FB 2.0.0, ODBC Drivers and ADO,
Visual C++ 2005. My app was compiled in WinXP.

Thanks in advance,
William GS

On 9/11/07, Stefan Heymann <lists@...> wrote:
> William,
> > Hello everybody. I have an embedded server and it gives me the error:
> > Description: CHARACTER SET ISO8859_1 is not installed.
> > I am using ISO8859_1 and PT_BR, but it works fine in a superserver
> > instalation.
> Make sure you include the icu*.dll files (icudt30.dll, icuin30.dll,
> icuuc30.dll) together with your Embedded installation (same directory
> as fbembed.dll). You must also include the "intl" subdirectory, which
> contains fbintl.conf and fbintl.dll.
> Best Regards
> Stefan
> --
> Stefan Heymann, Tübingen, Germany

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