Subject Re: How do I fix my DB?
Author David Richmond
--- Helen Borrie wrote:
> If you can't rename the
> database file, it means that someone out there is still
> connected.

Actually, that is true only on Windows. On Linux, you can easily
rename the file while someone is connected. One needs to use 'fuser'
tool to check this.

> It's dangerous to publish an FAQ that "simplifies" an operation that
> needs such extreme attention to detail and precise order. Softly,
> softly. For now, your FAQ needs to direct users to the paper
> "Diagnosing and Repairing InterBase Data Corruption" at
> at least until the FAQ article has been rewritten

Thanks for the corrections. We'll update the FAQ article ASAP, and
we'll add a link to the page at IBPhoenix in any case.


David Richmond