Subject Re: [firebird-support] Implementation limit exceeded.: block size exceeds implementation restriction.
Author Guido Klapperich
> Do you have users suddenly passing larger values to their text
> parameters lately, than they did before?
> The total length of the statement is not the same as the total length
> of your statement as you show it here (nor, indeed, as it is when it
> passes through the API at prepare time, where your Delphi-style named
> and colon-prefixed placeholders are replaced by questionmarks).
> Figure out the potential "blowout length" of an instance of your
> statement (in bytes) when you have actual VALUES assigned to those
> placeholders, not forgetting to count the single-quote delimiters for
> the strings....

I have found a backup of the db and restored it and with the new
database the statement works just fine. I ran a database compare and
both database are identical, but with the old one I get an error and
with new restored db all works fine. The sql statement is in both cases
the same. Very strange.