Subject Re: Facing Problems in executing the Select query
Author rambabu_piridi
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> Hi,
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> >What if start transaction & commits are not written explicitly
> >the query in question is a select query)? Will they still work
> > implicitly?
> I'm not sure if you're aware of but FB needs a transation even for
read only
> operations (like SELECT), so whether or not you've 'explicitly'
started one,
> the transaction was created (by your 'connection components') and
> commited at some point.
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> Anderson

I see.
In our case, as i had earlier mentioned, each query would be within
its own transaction. When we execute the same query for say 40
times, the number of i/o reads is comparabable to the number of i/o
writes. However, when the loop goes to around 10,000, the number of
i/o writes is very much larger than the number of i/o reads.
Any clue?