Subject Re: [firebird-support] What hardware will I need for my DB?
Author Martijn Tonies

> This is the first time that I use Firebird for a commercial software that
will be sold to various offices employing 3 to 20 people.
> Since I have no exprience in what hardware I should use for my DB, I'd
like to ask for your advice.
> The program I've developped is largely DB oriented - there are thin
clients and a thick DB layer - almost everything is done by the DB, the
clients are solely for displaying and manipulating data.
> Mostly general textual records (contact info, calendar data etc.) and .DOC
format MS Word documents are stored in the DB. The .DOC documents are very
small, less than 30k on average.
> Thus the overall size growth of the database isn't expected to exceed 1 GB
/ year.
> Now the question is, what kind of server-hardware will I need to serve:
> a, 3 to 5
> b, 5 to 15
> c, 15 to 25
> concurrent clients properly?

Any modern machine should do, although it would depend on the
work you're doing. Make sure you're queries perform well and
are solid with regard to index usage and so on.

> Please note that since we are talking about smaller companies here, the
price of the server is a huge issue.
> There should be a fair comprise between data-security, performance and the

Do use an "ups" to make sure a power outtage doesn't trash your data.

> And finally, there is one more issue: the Network.
> I suppose for a smaller office (max. 8 people) a WLAN connection could be
used. Has anyone tried this? Is Firebird reliable on a wireless network?

Dump the WLAN, they're shite.

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